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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More tourist Spots in Davao

Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

If you are going to Davao might be one of the things that you want to do before you ruined, however you should also know where particularly in Davao City you should go to make the best and great experience of your trip with your family,friends and special someone. So, here are some of the Best places in Davao known to offer tourists and even locals the best getaway lifetime experience in Davao.Explore and visit now!

Nature Wildlife and Culture Experience

The Philippine Eagle Nature Center

Located at Barangay Malagos within Baguio District in Davao City, the Philippine Eagle Center serves as a haven for Philippine Eagles as well as other animals that reflect the beautiful and rich forest ecosystems of the Philippines. Apparently, this place is starting to gain attention and interest from tourists and guests for its unique offerings. In a time of heavy industrialization and progress of davao city, it is quite impressive to maintain and conserve some of nature’s gifts in one special place.

If you want to take a glimpse nearly extinct Philippine Eagle, then the Philippine Eagle Nature Center is where the place that you should go. It is the home of 36 Philippine Eagles, ten other bird species, 4 mammal species, 2 reptile species and many more. The place is also ideal for educational trips especially about learning the ecosystem where these eagles could thrive.

If you like to visit Philippine Eagle Center is not that hard, as there are various ways and sufficient means of getting to the site starting from the Davao City proper. All it takes to get to this exciting place is about 45 minutes more to one hour of travel from the city proper. Additionally, the management of the place collects entrance fees from its guests and visitors to support for  its operations. By paying 30 to 50 pesos only for each, people can get a clear glimpse of the beauty of these special animals and some other wild nature in the center .

Today, a visit to Davao is almost incomplete without dropping by at this special tourist attraction..
With all of these fun,excitement  and highly informative activities and events, Philippine Eagle Center is truly a nice and enlightening place to visit within the beautiful City of Davao. For sure, numerous tourists and guests will come flocking to this place to experience the beauty and art of taking care of these wonderful Philippine Eagles.

Crocodile Farm

Davao Crocodile Park
Davao Crocodile Park is owned and operated by a group of businessmen managed by Mr. Sonny Dizon, a resident of Davao City. Mr. Dizon's fascination with saltwater and freshwater crocodiles gave birth to the first and only of its kind in Davao City, the Davao Crocodile Park on August 18, 2006.
Crocodile Park Show Schedule

Monday to Sunday 

9:00 AM -11:00 AM - Animal Petting (Reptiles and Raptors)
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Animal Petting (Reptiles and Mammals)

Friday to Sunday: Animal Shows (PM)

3:15 - 3:30 - Crocodile Dancing
3:30 - 4:00 - Tightrope Walker and Stunts
4:00 - 4:30 - Pangil Encounter
4:30 - 4:45 - Crocodile Frenzy
4:45 - 5:00 - Crocodile Feeding

Davao Crocodile Park is one of major tourist destination located at the Riverfront, Corporate City Diversion Highway, Ma-a, Davao City, and is about 15 to 30 minutes from  Davao downtown of the City. In the heart of the city lies a habitat filled with one of the wildest creatures known to men, the crocodiles. What started as mere fascination to crocodiles has blossomed and grew into a lucrative leather business and a wildlife preserve that is home to many species aside from saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. Take some time to visit this place and enjoy the wonders it offers.

Eden Mountain Resort

 Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort, Toril, Davao City

Peace, serenity, bonding and celebration amongst the splendor of creation.
Eden is a home to vast gardens of herbs and organic vegetables, lush field of exotic and tropical foliage, acres of lofty pines and fruit trees, and showcases of exotic and indigenous creatures at the Deer Park and Bird Walk. This is how the gardens here at Eden may be described. Anybody—evens those without “green thumbs”—will appreciate the delicate arrangement and colorful variety of plants and flowers in our gardens. More relaxing mountain respite, conquering the Eden Mountain Resort is definitely a very perfect idea. Being in this glorious mountain haven is like experiencing nature, adventure, leisure, culture and eve romance at the same time. Visiting this place is a must if ever you decide to experience Davao city best spot.
Entrance & Meal        Adult                           child(4-10yrs old)
buffet lunch                450.00Php                    280.00 Php
Plated Snacks             180.00Php                   150.00Php
  • Guided Shuttle Tour                                         100.00Php/person
  • Skyrider                                                               150.00Php/person
  • Horseback riding                                             85.00Php/person
  • Entrance to the Fishing Village                       55.00Php/person
  • Entrance to the Swimming pool
Adult                                                           80.00Php/person
Child                                                           55.00Php/person
  • Langub sa kaalaman show                 55.00Php/ person

Amenities & Services:
  • Prayer Garden
  • Flower Garden
  • Amphitheater
  • Plaza Maria and Lola’s Garden
  • Skyrider
  • Indiana Jones
  • zip-line
  • Eden’s play and sports grounds
  • Trekking
  • swimming
  • horseback riding or fishing 

People’s Park

Formerly the famous PTA Grounds in Davao City. People’s Park Davao Known as A Piece of Nature at the Heart of the City. One of Davao’s pride and a tourist magnet is the People’s Park located at the center of the city. The cultural-themed park is projected with life sized sculptures of the Lumads in Davao City, the Philippine eagle and many more.

People’s Park Davao is bombarded by numerous individuals and tourist. This man–made attraction is well maintained and nurtured nowadays to improve and enhanced the place beautifully. Lots of park securities are from time to time patrolling and providing safety to all visitors. Monitoring cameras are installed to keep it safe and secured and to avoid illicit activities inside the premises. This multi-million project of the Davao City government is a way of bringing nature and embraced with it right in the very heart of the city. This 4-hectare park also features the Durian Dome (a tropicalfruit Davao City is known for), the Promenade (a track favoured by many joggers and healthbuffs fore early morning exercise), the Dancing Fountain (the first in Mindanao), a 10-meter man-made waterfall against a backdrop of a volcanic rock wall, benches and Kid’s playground.

The People’s Park attractions are its strategically scenic benches, playground, grand landscaped waterfall, gardens, trees, traditional cottages and amazing sculptures of Kublai Milan, one of Davao’s prides who also created freedom statue fronting the city Council building. The People’s Park of Davao City is now one of the tourist attractions in the Region. If you want to be with nature, make People’s Park as one of your destinations not only in this summer but all throughout the year.

Island Garden City of Samal



The Philippines is well-known for its many attractive islands but interestingly enough, despite the hundreds of islands that it has to offer, there are still a few which seem to stand above the rest. Samal Island Davao is one of these and because of its unspoiled beauty, it has enticed countless of visitors each year. The Island of Samal(Island Garden City of Samal) is one of the best visited island in Mindanao and now the fastest growing tourist destination in the Philippines. Although, territory wise IGACOS or the Island Garden City of Samal belongs to Davao del Norte, the island could be easily accessed through Davao City.

Samal Island is a 2nd class city which means that it does not have a lot of shops, restaurants, and most of the features of a 1st class metropolis. If you thrive and long for the city lights, this may not be the perfect place for you. Consideration that Samal Island has a lot of fiesta celebrations like  Hugyaw Madayaw Samal falls every 29th and 30th of August; the Kabasan Festival, which is a 7-day celebration is on every May 22nd-29th; the Caracoles Festival is held every 28th and 29th of April and is also among the famous festivals in the Philippines where the richness of marine life and the cultural heritage of the people in this island are being highlighted with street dancing, parades, sports competitions and a beauty pageant. There are also other celebrations such as the Bat Festival and the Pangapog which is a thanksgiving celebration to the Sama God held every 1st weekend of August.Visit  now and see the Big Difference!.


  1. Wow! Great blog. So helpful blog. I'll use this as a guide.

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  2. I have visited Davao Crocodile Park and Eden Mountain Resort, both places are nice, the only downside is getting to the place it self. It is much better to have a private vehicle when going to these two places.
    Maybe this summer my target is The Philippine Eagle Nature Center. Although malayo masyado hehehe.


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